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And would a star college QB be paid more than the left tackle who protects him? I guess that would depend on which one had the better agent. Would the pay scale at all schools be the same, whether they can afford it or not, or would wealthier schools be able to assure themselves of getting the best athletes by bidding up the price? Now that you’ve started me thinking about this, the potential ramifications of professionalizing college sports are crowding into my mind. Makes you wonder just how well proponents have thought this through.

You think that a plant can be cut from its root or you can simply use a long arm trimming machine that can reach the top of plant and remove the branch that is disturbing your privacy. But it would be injustice to the plant that also has a right to live and grow. A tree firm can separate the plant from your home.

It funny, I been having a similar conversation with them where I argue that omnipotence plus omniscience means that free will is impossible. As for the omnipotence problem, many christians have revised the meaning of omnipotence as full power. Within all that is logically possible.

But he was charged with murder the day after the shooting.Pistorius had been getting about $2 million annually in endorsement deals, according to published reports. Eyewear maker Oakley, his other major sponsor, has already suspended its deal with him, according to reports.Nike’s campaign with Pistorius, which started soon after his 2012 Olympic appearance, is particularly bad public relations for the company as it refers to him as “the bullet in the chamber.”He first appeared in a 2008 Nike commercial, a spot that also included cyclist Lance Armstrong. Nike ended ties with Armstrong after evidence emerged that he had used performance enhancing drugs to win seven Tour de France titles.Nike’s long list of tainted sponsorshipsBut Nike has been slow to cut ties with disgraced athletes.

12. Keep the monkey on their back. Don’t let them delegate back to you. Well for what it worth I think a lot of people voted Brexit for silly reasons. Voting Brexit to reduce immigration for example is probably a silly position, even more silly are those who think Brexit will actually economically benefit us in the short to mid term. So I understand where you coming from but as a Brexiteer I also heard people tell me they voted remain because they didn like Farage or because they weren racist so from what I seen there are people making stupid decisions on both sides of the debate..

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