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You can either measure it, preferably with a pair of calipers, or you can eyeball it. Sharpies work well. You will, of course, need to make certain that the board is aligned with its eventual position inside the tin. The Endangered Species Act names the loggerhead as a threatened species. Turtles nest on the island from around mid May to August. The island organizes turtle patrols to search the dunes for turtle nests and then mark them for protection.

No wonder she feels confident enough to play the Evil Queen in Mirror Mirror, coming out this spring. This is not Walt Disney’s Snow White, but a witty, swashbuckling adaptation by the Indian director Tarsem Singh, whom Julia calls “a mad, lovable genius.” Tarsem describes the movie as “more like Gaud meets the Brothers Grimm, with turn of the century Russian filmmakers like Sergei Eisenstein thrown in.” She didn’t want to take on the role at first, until she learned that the movie would be directed by Tarsem. (She and her husband, Danny Moder, loved his 2006 fantasy adventure film, The Fall.) She told her agent to “make a lunch.

Caster Semenya, the world leader this year, begun her campaign for a second Olympic medal in the women’s 800 metres with a confident victory in her heat. The 2012 silver medallist let others in her race, including Team GB’s Shelayna Oskan Clarke, lead out the field, before upping the ante in the finishing straight to win. Dipping under two minutes, the South African hardly seemed out of breath, and looked in ominously supreme form.

The next week I took my midterm and failed (63%, lowest out of 60 students in her class). I never gotten less than a 94 on midterms/finals/any English test. I asked to see it (she just gave me an old regents test which any English teacher could grade) because I wanted a second opinion.

We didn Instead, we missed chances on the offenses end and made mistakes on the defensive end. Individual players let Mourinho down and they let the fans down. But it difficult to be upset with someone like Phil Jones for lacking quality when he shouldn be starting for Manchester fucking United in the first place..

You are far too kind already and I not even sure what to expect but I excited. Wouldn call myself a connoisseur rather, someone who hoping to learn a bit more and enjoy a bit more in the process. Have not yet been to Bubbles and Malt! But two of my three favorite types of beverage..

If it a formal occasion you should really be paring it down to the minimum. Things to eat can stay in your car. Water can be held in hand. The trend of avocados, yoga and unqualified bloggers spouting nonsense continues unabated. This time, it the turn of Australian Belle Gibson, who claimed she beat cancer through healthy eating. Falsely claiming proceeds from her app and cookbook would go to various charities, Gibson fraudulent activities has got her a fine to the tune of A$410,000 dollars.

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