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Thrilled to be publishing these beautiful new editions to coincide with Salinger centennial year, Little, Brown publisher Reagan Arthur said in a statement. Salinger had a unique ability to connect with readers through a character voice readers have often said, upon encountering his fiction for the first time, that they felt as if it had been written just for them. We hope these reissued editions will help a new generation of readers discover the immense pleasures of reading his work.

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The other day I found myself once again procrastinating by doing some online shopping. I found myself looking at a sports store website and found that in my shopping cart I had predominantly Adidas brand clothing and 1 Nike item. This got me thinking about the never ending war between Nike and Adidas.

The idea that something that works fine should be replaced is now so ingrained in our culture that few people question it. But it is a fairly recent concept, brought about by a revolution in the advertising and manufacturing industries, which thrived on various 20th century changes, including the mass movement of large populations to cities, the development of mass production, globalisation, improved transport, international trade and public broadcast media. The cartel said its intent was to develop international standards, but the net result was that households needed to replace their bulbs regularly, providing a far larger consumer market..

Amazon has found its way into just about every part of people shopping lives. Once a fledgling online bookstore, the tech giant has changed retail as we know it. It has disrupted the selling of gadgets, household goods, and now even high end groceries, having snapped up Whole Foods for $13.7 billion..

PERALTA: Yeah, but, you know, what I’ve heard is actually resignation from people. You know, on August 1 here, there was a protest before the results were announced, and six people were killed. And I think that’s really frightened people. Seit 2012 habe ich zusammen mit einigen anderen Frauen ein Flurstckgepachtet, auf dem wir Permakultur betreiben. Hier bauen wir Gemse, Obst, Kruter und Beerenstrucher an. Hierher zieht es mich immer, wenn ich etwas raus aus der Grostadt Berlin mchte.

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