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The cheerleading grated at times. It was difficult to take this seriously as a celebration of sporting endeavour when the BBC found places in the arena for the winners of Strictly Come Dancingand The Great British Bake Offbut not for Pete Cowen, who coached two of this year’s four major champions in golf. An invitation was eventually extended to Cowen, 72 hours before the event, but he declined..

Over the next couple of decades, the pants went mainstream. In 1934, Levi’s took advantage of the rise in Western movies and launched its first jeans aimed at affluent women who wanted to wear them on dude ranches. Then teens boosted popularity of the pants, first among the greasy hair and leather jacket set in the 1950s and then, the hippies in the 1960s..

Tapping that alert will take you to your folder, a collection of messages from those with whom you not connected with. Messenger also filters these messages if it believes them to be spam. You can access messages marked as spam by tapping the filtered requests link at the bottom of your inbox..

Even a cursory look at the writing credits for many of the world’s greatest pop hits would reveal the name Nile Rodgers. As well as penning many memorable hit songs with his own band Chic, Rodgers spent the 1970s and 1980s writing and producing acclaimed records for Madonna, David Bowie, Diana Ross, Sister Sledge and Duran Duran. In 2010, Rodgers was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that very nearly claimed his life..

Vibram Five FingersVibram is the first shoe company to recognize the growth of barefoot running from a fringe moment to a mainstream one and to cater to that market. The Vibram Five Fingers is a shoe that resembles a glove with five individual toe slots. The shoe was originally manufactured for sailors or paddlers as an alternative to wearing no shoes.

Friend points to two major developments in 2005 that accelerated the sustainable business revolution. First, General Electric started its eco imagination program. CEO Jeffrey Immelt understood “Green is green,” meaning that being environmental is profitable.

It is a sign of how far the brand has come. Only about five years ago, its business model was to operate out of either basement shops or from first floors, where rent is up to 90 per cent lower than in the high street. Shoppers would have to take an escalator up, or down, and Sports Direct would have to pay top whack rent only for a small entrance on the high street..

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