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Everlane’s marketing campaign for its new underwear line was created in house by a team led by women. None of the photographs were retouched. (Courtesy of Everlane)For decades, advertisers have leaned on highly polished, idealized images to appeal to people’s aspirations.

It’s well known that Franklin, who died Aug. 16 of pancreatic cancer, demanded to be paid in cash, partly because she came up in an era when African American artists were routinely ripped off by white promoters. “Aretha would put her reading glasses on her nose and she would be there while you counted out” the money, recalls Empire Entertainment’s JB Miller, who hired Franklin for numerous private and corporate gigs starting in the 1990s.

Learn from your experience. You spent months preparing for this race. Spend a few hours writing down what went well and what didn Use the things you learned to get better next time. While it’s easy to mock Donald Trump over his brash attitude, insensitive comments and unfortunate comb over, his candidacy is not to be taken lightly. The Confederate flag debate showed that racism isstill alive and wellin America, and a candidate with a bigoted message will attract a lot of support. Racists are becoming more emboldened after the terrorist attack at Emanuel AME church in Charleston, holding pro Confederate flag rallies at the South Carolina statehouse in which attendeesdon neo Nazi garband SS uniforms.

Oral cancer does not mean it has to be a death sentence but you have to speak up if you find something is not right anywhere in your body. It doesn’t have to be your mouth. You can get lumps and bumps anywhere but all it takes is neglect from the patient in checking on it by their doctor..

Christie Blatchford: Sex assault Mandi Gray takes university to human rights tribunal againChristie Blatchford: Sorry, but I had enough of saying sorry always wanted to be next to you, all the time, said the wife of the couple. Always wanted to be touched, your hand on his back. Own dog, the white bull terrier Obie, is cut from the same affectionate cloth: When I in the bathroom, so is he, lying on the mat; when I on the couch, so is he, on my lap; he sleeps on my bed, often on my head or with his nose pressed hard into my cheek.

I’ll probably wait. My average luteal phase is 12 13 days long, so I could very well start my period today or tomorrow. I don’t think I could stand the double let down of a negative test followed by bright red flow or worse, an initial positive test, followed by bright red flow and/or a subsequent negative test..

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